Hang onto your brains: Resident Evil 6 boasts 70k zombies, mulitple modes and more

Hang onto your brains: Resident Evil 6 boasts 70k zombies, mulitple modes and more

Pretty psyched for Resident Evil 6 as I am, this news got me even more desperate to get my hands on it. According to the official Twitter news feed for all things Resident Evil, there is going to be a welcome return to how the series used to be. That is, enough to make fans freak out every once in a while thanks to shocks, shots and zombie craziness. Because there is a whole load of stuff to trawl through on Twitter, those kind people over at Siliconera have pulled out what they believe to be the more interesting nuggets of information (and indeed they are correct) and here’s a quick summary of some of the awesomeness you can expect to see one the game is released.

  • Zombies. Not a few or perhaps the odd mini-horde but rather insane numbers of the undead roaming around, trying to rip your face off. One location in particular, known as “Tall Oaks”, is going to contain a whopping 70,000 of the shuffling, drooling monsters which you will have to contend with. Better get that shotgun ready…
  • There’s going to be more information available in the next few months on a demo – something I am personally pretty excited about
  • According to one particular tweet, the zombies are going to be “a bit different to what you may be used to” and are said to be unlike any you have seen before in past Resi games, which is causing a whirlwind of theories and ideas across the net.
  • Capcom are returning Resident Evil 6 to the survival horror roots the series came from and have promised “classic Resident Evil moments” – naturally, there are hopes for more of those puzzles which make you just sit there going, “wut?”
  • The control system has been “overhauled” and will apparently feature a number of “new elements” which have yet to be be disclosed

Something that isn’t completely rock-solid has also made its way onto the intarwebz, albeit briefly before it was taken down, is the rumour that the multiplayer plans for the game are going to include two player local co-op, six player online co-op and up to eight players on another unrevealed online multiplayer mode. Both Kotaku and Joystiq took screenshots of the listing before it was removed, so hopefully it is more than just rumour.

Still no concrete date for the PC release of Resident Evil 6, but we’ll keep you posted.

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