Fit for a Queen: Aliens: Colonial Marines Collector’s Edition contents leaked


We’re suckers for both the Aliens franchise and collector’s editions here in the office. So, any news surrounding the likelihood of the upcoming xenomorph shooter from Gearbox Software being made available in one of the premium edition flavours was music to our ears. Of course, nothing has been officially announced as of yet regarding collector’s editions, limited editions, special editions, and the like, but we’re thinking this supposedly-leaked round-up of bonus goodies (pictured below) is the real deal.

Sigourney Weaver not included.
Sigourney Weaver not included.

I’ll be honest: we’re not huge fans of in-game content being locked away, only to be made available to customers whom aer able to cough up that little bit extra for the fancy, extra-costly versions of the game. When you can’t offer up something substantial and worthy of the inflated price, the answer is not to cut assets from the game in a bid to give it back as part of the premium edition as content padding. I, for one, will be keeping my fingers crossed that this allegedly-official leaked information isn’t entirely accurate, and that we’ll be treated to something a little less cheeky.

By , Chief Biscuit Dunker