Asus reveals limited edition “Mars II” dual-GTX 580 monster

Asus reveals limited edition “Mars II” dual-GTX 580 monster

Until recently, if you wanted to best of the best in terms of single-card GPU performance, you’d be presented with Nvidia’s GeForce GTX 590 or AMD’s Radeon HD 6999. That was before Asus let slip word of their upcoming, beastly Mars II card — the result of two GTX 580s being slapped together into a single card. You’d think their creation would end up being about 8-metres long, or something, but the talented engineers over at Asus have managed to squeeze all the necessary innards into a fairly compact shell. The exact dimensions have not yet been revealed, but we’re lead to believe that the design will only be slightly longer than that of a standard GTX 580 card.

Asus’ official product page for the Mars II details the following mind-blowing bonuses over vanilla GTX 580 units:

  • “Massive dual GPU power ― 22% faster performance than reference”
  • “Twin 120mm fans for up to 600% greater air flow”
  • “Enhanced with 21-phase Super Alloy Power for a 15% performance boost”
  • “Solid aluminum shroud improves heat dissipation”
  • “Laser-carved aluminum plate identifies each card individually as a limited-edition item” have this monster available for pre-order at £1,200. Alternatively, you could always just purchase two regular GTX 580s and have them set up in an SLi configuration for a substitutional smaller cost; single GTX 580 models can be found for less than £400 on Amazon UK, or less than $500 from Amazon US, nowadays.

Update: The dimensions for this critter are as follows: From end to end, the Mars II will measure in at 13in (330mm) in width, and 6.2in (157mm) in height. So, I imagine most mid-range cases would not be entirely suitable.

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