Treyarch teases of fourth map pack for Black Ops

Treyarch teases of fourth map pack for Black Ops

During a recent interview between DigitalSpy and Black Ops’ design director David Vonderhaar, the Treyarch employee was able to provide fans with a glimmer of hope for a possible fourth map pack.

While Vonderhaar was unable to flat-out confirm or deny the existence of — or even plans for — a fourth chunk of DLC for the game, he was able to comment: “I can’t talk [about] anything beyond ‘Annihilation’, but keep your eyes peeled…” Vonderhaar could very well be referring to a follow-up map pack, or perhaps hinting at Black Ops 2, or even something to do with Activision’s ‘Elite’ program. Journalists and gamers are just left to ponder as to just what the design director was itching to divulge, at this point.

The Annihilation Content Pack was released earlier today on the Xbox Live Marketplace, where as PC and PS3 gamers are required to wait a little longer before the DLC is ported over to the two remaining platforms.

By , Chief Biscuit Dunker