Nvidia interviews the devs of BioShock Infinite, Metro: Last Light and Battlefield 3


Kris Rey of Nvidia managed to snag some excellent, exclusive interviews with a few of the folks behind some of 2011′s and 2012′s most highly anticipated games. There’s some new information revealed, and there’s also some superb gameplay clips on show.

The first part of Nvidia’s “Unleashed” series, the “Green Team” has a brief chit-chat with Metro: Last Light’s executive producer Dean Sharpe, and BioShock Infinite’s lead artist Shawn Robertson.

In the second part on Nvidia Unleashed, Rey manages to secure an interview with EA’s Patrick Soderlund. There’s some good stuff covered in the discussion between the two and, interestingly enough, Soderlund was able to provide an estimate as to how long the single-player campaign might last: “6, 7, 8-10 hours depending on what we net out,” claims Solderlund, who insists that the campaign isn’t complete yet.

By , Chief Biscuit Dunker