Microsoft releasing official Kinect SDK for PC in March

Microsoft releasing official Kinect SDK for PC in March

What had previously been rumoured of, exactly one calendar month ago, has now been turned into a reality. Microsoft has confirmed that official support will be provided for Kinect on the PC, and that a software development kit is indeed in the works. The SDK will be launched at an as-yet unspecific date in March, primarily aimed at “enthusiasts and academic researchers”, and usage will be limited to that of non-commercial use. Plans for a commercial SDK, which will enable to developers to profit from their Kinect-based apps, is also confirmed to be in the pipeline.

From Microsoft’s recent press release:

“While Microsoft plans to release a commercial version at a later date, this SDK will be a starter kit to make it simpler for the academic research and enthusiast communities to create rich natural user interfaces using Kinect technology. The SDK will give users access to deep Kinect system information such as audio, system application-programming interfaces, and direct control of the Kinect sensor.”

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