Amnesia: The Dark Descent’s sales figures dwarfed developer’s “dream estimates”


To give you just an inkling of just how pleased the staff over at Frictional Games are with their latest terrifying survival horror project, Amnesia: The Dark Descent, they had originally hoped to have sold anywhere within the range of 100,000 copies; which would have been enough to company the company afloat and ensure that everyone working there received a nice Christmas bonus.

And, while the game started out quite slowly and didn’t really receive the attention it deserved, positive ‘word-of-mouth’ has managed to help the company smash their estimates and has allowed them to shift as many as 200,000 copies within the four months since its original release. Obviously, having sold double their expected sales figures has helped lift spirits for the folks over there, and means that future projects are getting the green light.

The financial stability provided as part of the game’s success means that the company will only grow and grow, and continue to develop for the PC platform. There’s even talk of Amnesia: The Dark Descent perhaps being ported over to the Xbox 360 and PS3 at some point in the future.

Here’s a quick quote from the official Frictional Games blog which helps offer a little more insight into what the company feels help attribute to the game’s success:

While we tried to make as much noise as possible at the release of the game, our marketing efforts have been far from big. Our main tactics have been to spread movie clips from the game, releasing a playable demo and to send out review copies. We think that most of this paid off as much as we could have hoped for, with great responses to trailers, players liking the demo and awesome reviews. However, plenty of PR came from a quite unexpected source, namely from user generated content.

I wrote a fairly lengthy review some time back, which I felt covered the majority of the game’s strengths and weaknesses. Amnesia: The Dark Descent is available to purchase via Steam, if you fancy giving it a go.

By , Chief Biscuit Dunker