Operation Raccoon City launch trailer splices B.O.W.s with dubstep


An odd mix, I’ll grant you that much, but it’s what all the hip kids are listening to nowadays, apparently. The latest promotional piece for Capcom’s decidedly un-Resident Evil, Operation Raccoon City, sees all your favourite zombie-eradicating heroes turn up for a quick cameo appearance in order to help remind everybody that, yes, this is indeed a genuine Resi game. It might look like something more akin to the Gears of War and SOCOM franchises, but I am quite confident that this is very much related to the long0-running survival horror series that had gamers wetting their knickers, back in the ’90s.

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City is available as of today on consoles, but us PC gamers will have to wait until May before we’re invited to the party. Unfortunately, the PS3 version hasn’t fared especially well amongst the IGN staff, so perhaps we’ve dodged a bullet by being forced to wait that little bit longer.

By , Chief Biscuit Dunker