Smile – Skyrim v1.5 beta update introduces new ‘kill cams’


Last month, we were treated to an inside look at a number of tantalizing features which may or may not one day make their way into The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Since then, fans have been sending their prayers off to the divine Akatosh, and it seems that the Dragon God of Time has heard our prayers and felt it time to grant us access to one of the many features that had us plucking our bow strings in glee: enhanced ‘kill cams’. As gamers might already be aware, ‘kill cams’ have been present in the game since day one, but primarily only for melee-based kills. However, after having installed the newest v1.5 beta patch, you can enjoy watching those masterfully-launched arrows and devastating magic attacks replay before your eyes, complete with cinematic camera and in full-on slow-mo glory.

According to a recent BethBlog posting, opting into Skyrim‘s beta program will allow you the chance to sample this most satisfying of combat enhancements before it’s rolled out into the next official, stable update.

By , Chief Biscuit Dunker